Friday, December 15, 2017


Phil dropped Kensley early this morning. Mark stayed home from work and was willing to watch her while we went on the walk. Anna left for her grandmother's funeral in Kansas so I met Taegan's bus and brought her over to great grandma's house until Rhoda could get there about noon.
Mark and I took an unexpected trip in to Peoria so his heart could get checked out. All is well but Methodist just doesn't run like Mayo Clinic. It took us hours to get home. Rhoda ended up spending the night. She took care of the horses and cleaned stalls. I took the last feeding of the evening checking on Envy. We will be hauling Indy out to Middle Grove tomorrow after the scheduled trail ride at Jubilee so that Envy can no longer call to her and hear her mom answer. Weaning goes so much better if the mom's are off the property. Eli is getting picked up tomorrow leaving just the 3 fillies, EllaSkye, EasterBonnet and Envy. The other two fillies have been weaned for weeks so once Indy is gone we can put Envy in with them. Both are calm and will be a good influence on Envy.

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