Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bitter Cold Coming

While the weather is warming up here the news from home is grim. We are leaving here on December 31st, and the temperatures is predicted to be -16 to-18 degrees that is NEGATIVE as in BELOW ZERO. We haven't had that cold of weather for a few years and this is going to make it hard to travel. I don't even have a decent winter coat on this trip.
Ben and Taunya's family left early this morning, even before I got there to make the coffee at 6:00 am. 
We have a good report here in Gulf Shores for the next couple days, just partly cloudy and high 50's to low 60's. This morning our walk got rained out. We started walking in a mist but when the drizzle became drops we quit coming back pretty drenched. The day was mostly spent using our condo's hot tubs, Karin's condo hot tub and watching for dolphin from our balcony. Nolan saw them first and there was at least 8 but Amy thought she counted 12 dolphins fishing close to shore. Our balcony is pretty far up to get close up pictures of the dolphins, below one is just diving down to fish.
 There are 3 in the picture below, the one close to the surf actually was chasing the fish almost into the shore
 Below this dolphin almost beached itself chasing the fish.
 The birds were thrilled with the reaction of the fish, they came close to shore, there were diving ducks diving down to eat their fill and that chased the fish up to the surface where seagulls were grabbing and eating their fill.
 It was fascinating to watch, the ducks would disappear under the wave then pop up while the gulls were circling above then swooping down to grab the fish.

 We were much to far up to see the fish jumping out of the water even with the camera all the way zoomed in but it was just to wet and cold to go down to the beach to watch.
 Phil and Anna took the girls over to Karin's condo to use the indoor outdoor pool. Sarah and Nolan joined them in the outdoor hot tub. We did too but the cold rain coming down really put a damper in the experience.  Below Taegan is getting ready to climb into the pool.
 The cold doesn't seem to bother Braelyn, this pool is heated but not very well.
 Below she is swimming under the divider and popping out in the outdoor pool.
The girls ended up spending most of the day playing and swimming in the indoor pool and the two hot tubs at our condo. Karin brought games up to our condo and a good group came over to play. Diane and mom spent the day shopping and ended up buying an electric fireplace for Diane's condo and ordering one for mom's condo. Amy and I helped Diane carry it up the stairs. It looks like a real flame and puts out heat. After we tried it out we walked to Bahama Bob's for supper which was delicious. The walk home felt a little warmer but we were still glad to hop in the hot tub this evening. That relaxed us enough that instead of staying for the games this evening Amy and I headed back to Diane's and will hit the sack soon.

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