Saturday, December 23, 2017

Our Trip Down

Mom, Sarah Reinhard and I followed Joan & Hannah down to Gulf Shores, Alabama leaving at 5:15am on December 21st. We had a pretty uneventful trip down until we reached Mobile and got stuck there right after the mardi gras parade. Every road we needed to take was closed off. There were 2 or more police cars at every intersection. Although earlier we had a bald eagle swoop down over the road right in front of us. So cool to see these birds. We made it down around 8:00 pm, unloaded, walked over to Beth's where they had been sitting in the hot tub, said hello then headed straight to bed. At 4:58 am the first text came in from Sarah asking what time was breakfast and at 5:33 the next text came in from home, Mark asking where the coffee was.
Sarah, Nolan, Zion and I drove to the local Waffle House at 6:00 am for breakfast, walked in and saw Rebekah, Brian, Ava, Jordan and Riley who had just made it down after driving all night.
The waitress told Rebekah that her mom arrived.  OK Ruth, Rebekah was quick to correct her and claimed me as her aunt. Below our waitress is taking our order.
After breakfast we made it home in time for the walk on the beach just before sunrise. We were joined by mom and Joan. I didn't have my camera with me on this first walk and the phone doesn't do justice to the beauty.
Everyone we met on the beach were family or knew us. Greg was already out fishing. The 3 dogs in the picture are Molly, Ebby (who was busy chasing birds) and Anni's dog Chewy. It isn't just the 81 of us coming, there will be quite a few dogs too as Rachel and Jessica also brought dogs.

It is a beautiful sunny warm morning, all the coats are now off and the shorts and swim suits are getting on. Thankful we made it here safely.

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