Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Day of Rest

Today was considered a day of rest. After the walk, AC Central was turned on while the laundry was started and most of the morning was spent listening while the machines ran. This afternoon checks needed to be deposited and as long as I was in town,  I did some Christmas shopping getting home late afternoon. Karin arrived after her work was done for the day and again needed to train in the indoor arena. There is hardly enough daylight at 4:30 pm to work anywhere but the indoor. She had Indy out first but I was too busy watering the arena to get any pictures of her working with Indy. Rosalie was next but I missed seeing Karin ride her as I was busy graining the weanlings. By the time I finished Karin was finishing up with Rosalie asking for the bow.
Spark arrived to trace the electric line at the barn so we can finish getting power to the new automatic waterer in the last paddock. He was working on that as Karin was working with Jenis. I walked into the barn just as she was finishing up with her again just as she was asking for the bow.
The last mare worked with was Zalena but just as she was getting ready to ride Jeorge Brown arrived in a truck with three other people. He runs the RiverCity Rough Rider program which, as he explains it is reaching people on horseback. He has been renting the same ground for 20 years and the owner is now selling the property. Jeorge heard there was a house with 10 acres for sale out our way and wondered if we knew anything about it. I was sad to tell him we had not heard of any nor know of any property for sale out here.
This evening was a special night for our Peoria church family, we had a special service for Mike and Mindy Kaisner, confirming Mike as our new minister. The evening was heart and soul touching. We wish Mike and Mindy God's blessings.

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