Saturday, December 9, 2017

Training Indoors

I finally downloaded the pictures off the camera from Thursday and some of those below are actually from them not today.  Ebby had come over and the two dogs were enjoying the warmth of the wood burner.

 The wood burner had been kept burning brightly for the last few days. Thursday Rhoda brought Ruby over when she came to train horses. Below Ruby is watching Rhoda while the cat up on top of the hay bale is watching Ruby. 
 Rhoda worked with Ripper Thursday. This was the first time he has been in the indoor arena by himself. 
 Below she has the megaphone siren blasting out and instead of running in fright, Ripper is curious and tries to taste it. 
 He was quiet when she mounted and we thought all was going well. 
 But soon Ripper's worry cup was obviously filling up. He started pawing and acting anxious. 
 Rhoda dismounted and started over again. Karin arrived and helped get the heater from the other barn. We were pretty thrilled to find it was in working order and fired right up. 
 Ripper came right over and touched it with his nose then took off shocked that it 'bit' him. He actually scorched off a few whiskers. We just had to laugh. He won't be checking that out again. Rhoda and Karin wanted to end with Ripper on a good note so it took a while just use calming touches. Karin led him just a few steps and once they knew he was calm, Rhoda hopped off and they ended on a good note. Hopefully when Rhoda comes next he will start where they left off on Thursday. 
I left at 8:30 this morning to go grocery shopping stopping first at Sam's Club and then Aldi's arriving home with almost $200.00 worth of groceries at 10:00 am. I was glad Mark was around to help unload. As soon as they were put away I took the camera and the golf cart up to the barn to watch Kayla and Karin. Kayla was warming up Jenis while Karin was just getting ready to mount Zalena. She had already worked with Indy and Rosalie.
 I went right to work watering the arena. That needs to be watered every other day to keep the dust down. Karin finished with Zalena, then took Jenis from Kayla. Kayla went right to work picking up any manure left as the mares were being worked. Rosalie had to check out the wheel barrow just in case Kayla was putting anything edible in it. 

 Karin is teaching Jenis new cues for when the rear will be asked. For the March show Jessica will be riding Jenis so Karin wants to teach both Jenis and Jessica the same cues. 
After the horses were put away, the horses were grained then we headed down to the house for lunch. Mark  had been hard at work repairing and installing things inside the house. I now have a knife holder up on the wall between the cupboard and the stove. It also has hooks and Mark hung some of the cooking utensils up. I love being able to find the sharp knives, or big serving spoons, cooking spatulas just by looking up instead of digging through drawers.
We are being lazy this evening, Mark turned on a movie about Tyndale, the translator of the Bible from Greek to English, the persecution he went through and his determination to give all a chance to read it.

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