Sunday, December 31, 2017


Rhoda, Hannah, David Jacob and I left last night at 4:00 pm for the long trip home after enjoying our beautiful warm sunny day on the beach. Below are a few pictures from our last day there.

 The Ospry below came swooping down right in front of the fishermen and grabbed a fish out of the gulf waters then took off flying overhead carrying the fish. I didn't react quick enough to get a good shot. 

 The game mom bought at the Skyline Home auction was played quite a bit on this trip. It is a fun game for 4 people to play.

Above Spark had come down taking a break from flooring at his condo to join us when Greg pointed to the pole and yelled "FISH ON"! Spark ran over and grabbed the pole.
The drive was going well until we were about 60 miles from Champaign, IL when the snow started. Rhoda was driving by that time and soon we had to travel about 45 miles an hour through the blowing snow on the roads. The good thing was we were the ONLY car on the road for miles and miles. We saw 3 cars in the ditch. Rhoda was dropped off at her home and the last 59 miles was spent going between 45-60 depending on if we could see or not. The entire trip took us 15 hours so we only lost an hour by going through the storm. When we left Gulf Shores it was 61 degrees outside (this was at 4:00 pm it had been much warmer) and bright sunshine. The football games was going on strong and it was hard to pull Hannah out of the game. When we arrived in Meisterville (Hanna City) it was -5. We lost 66 degrees in one night!  I went right to bed and slept while Mark took care of the horses and then drove Hannah to church. I listened on line then uploaded the pictures from Friday night's fish fry at the Herman's place.

The sibling trip is always one of our best trips even though the weather cannot be counted on to be nice. This time of year we usually get a few days of nice weather and on this trip we were blessed to have 5 beautiful warm days. Our sibling vacation is not about the weather though, it is more about being together away from work. I'm very thankful that I could go. 

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