Friday, October 24, 2014

Put Them to Work

We start them young around here. Israel came to visit and got to 'help' Emily clean paddocks by helping with the skid steer controls.

His favorite part was when the bucket would raise way up and dump. He wasn't happy coming inside but he is just too young to drive the tractor. We left that part for Emily as she spread load after load of that black gold unto the fields.
The next few pictures are of when he was brought inside for lunch.

While he was up taking a nap the dogs discovered a bird in the wood burner. The door was opened and it took a bit to catch it as it was flying around the house. The dogs were let outside and the bird was placed outside on the patio table. I expected it to just take off but instead it sat there while the dogs checked it out closely. How Close? THIS CLOSE!

It hopped off the table onto the ground and still the dogs didn't try to kill it, they just kept sniffing it until the starling got smart and flew off. 
Molly just had the 3 puppies yesterday but all three are fat and healthy. Molly is taking very good care of them. These puppies will be for sale for only $300.00 and they are purebred Shih Tzu's but not registered. Both parents weigh about 12 pounds. They will stay small. A lady came out today to look at them and for sure wants a female so at this point there are only 2 left. 
David met me at Sam's, I shopped for 8 big pans of lasagna while he took Israel home. 96 servings of lasagna should be enough for our lasagna dinner Sunday, but if not we will cook up some hotdogs. 
Philip came over to help Mark with the broken pond overflow pipe after work today. After trying to pull it out with the skid steer and having it snap off, Mark determined the only way to get the broken pipe was to wade into the cold pond for it. Brrr
He was able to get a rope around the pipe then Philip and Emily pulled while Mark pushed.
Mark had to take a shower after that. 

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