Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Booked

Diane booked a bunch of rooms on the Carnival Elation for a 5 day cruise leaving from New Orleans Jan 24th, - Jan 29th, 2015. We figured about then we will be sick of winter and more than ready for a vacation in the sun. The Berean bus is reserved for the trip down, I hope we FILL the bus with anyone that wants to SING!. Tonight after choir I booked my window room which I will be sharing with Cheryl Grassi since Mark doesn't want to go. But at least he is willing to stay and take care of the dogs. 
We have one mare due on Jan 24th, Anna, but Rhoda is reserved to stay and take care of her. I love having something to look forward to.
Mom and Aunt Jinny are having a ball down in Gulf Shores. When Diane wasn't around mom and Aunt Jinny decided to go para-sailing. Mom is 82 years old and Aunt Jinny is 85 years old and nothing seems to keep them down. 
The girls made it safely down to Gulf Shores by 11:00 am. They will have 4 more days to lay around soaking up the sun before they need to start the 14 hour drive home. Another neat email came today from Jose. Jose owns a Raven son out of a Morgan Percheron mare. He sent these 2 pictures.

What a gorgeous boy he is! He looks just like a purebred Friesian. Isn't it amazing how Raven's offspring look more Friesian than any other breed. Check out the neck on this 5 year old stallion. 
Eva Jean, David & Kathy Obergfel and I had a rough day at Berean. We were swamped with mail. Finally at 12:30 pm we broke for lunch and still didn't even have all the envelopes opened. We worked until 2:00 pm and didn't come anywhere near finishing. I'll have to go back tomorrow and work after Peter Weber's funeral. I wasn't able to go to the visitation so will for sure want to get to the funeral. Peter was an amazing man and we will miss him. He was so kind to Mark's dad, taking him to Methodist and teaching him how to be a good volunteer there. 
We had a good group at choir, I just wish I could still sing but even so still enjoy being there, learning the songs and enjoying the fellowship. Tonight we had an amazing meal after practice. Sherry Fehr and Shirley Triplett put on a real spread. 

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