Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Broken Gift

While mom, Diane, Shirley, Eva Jean, Rhoda, Dave, and 2 of Lisa's boys and I were busy at work at Berean Emily was running the manure spreader. You know that nice shiny gift Mark gave me a couple of years ago for our anniversary, that real pretty one. Emily was cleaning out the paddocks with the skid steer, loading it directly into the manure spreader and spreading it as soon as it was filled to the brim. She worked all day and just as evening was approaching she filled it for the last run of the day started the drive and the chain broke. Mark is going to have to empty that spreader by hand. Hmmm  maybe we can hire Ruth or Rachel's boys for this job. By the way that gift is no longer shiny, but is still very appreciated. Hope it doesn't take too long to fix. At least we have a truck and flat bed trailer to haul it into a repair shop.
Ag lime was ordered today, 44 tons of it. Hopefully it will come this week. The paddocks will be lined with lime, the lime is also needed as the base for the new round pen that still needs to be set up.
We had a very busy day at Berean, lots of studies and lots of letters. We were able to get the labels printed for the studies but didn't even try to get the letters processed. Those will have to wait until Thursday. Diane called and ordered more Bibles.
Mark stayed home from choir so I drove Joan, Hannah, Sarah and Diane. Spark and Rhonda went early as they were serving. We had a good practice but now the Row song is stuck in my mind.
By the way we are almost at a million views on the video below. Want to help us reach that mile stone by clicking on this video.
Some of the comments people left after watching this were pretty funny. Some were just sure I was going to pull the legs of the foal right out of her sockets. The kids barefoot in the stall grossed just about everyone out.

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