Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dan's Surgery

This is an update on Dan. He had back surgery yesterday and writes:
Update. So the surgery went fine, Susan spoke to the doctor after surgery he said the surgery went very well. They got all the herniation out. I am settled in the room where I will spend the night. So far I've been able to eat jello. Obviously I would have preferred more but that's all they want me to have...... The constant pressure / pain on the nerve that goes down my left leg is gone but of course there is a new pain with the incision. I should be out of the hospital tomorrow before noon....Thank you all for praying. ..After what we have been through the last couple of years, I almost expected the enemy to use this opportunity to break us down even farther. I wonder if he is starting to see a pattern. Each trial sends us to the foot of the cross. Our faith, appreciation, Love for each other and for the Bride is made stronger. Above all else, continue to pray that God is glorified.
Dan has been through so much with the burning of the Old School Center, the hoops he has to go through to take down the burned building, then excruciating pain of a herniated disc in his back. Keep praying for DAN

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