Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mail? Is that the Right Word?

Last night at church we had 4 testimonies. What a blessing for our Peoria church to be able to hear these testimonies and they were well attended. OH MY it is just too bad if you missed coming last night, from the first to the last they had us chuckling, then weeping and laughing almost in the same sentence. When one of the girls starts trying to tell of the cards and letters she received she starts in with "I got a lot of mail, wait is that the word, yes that is the word, I just don't ever get MAIL, and it was such a wonderful surprise." we actually laughed out loud. Today's youth are all about texting, instant messaging and email, forget that very slow snail mail and yet it meant so much to all 4 of them to receive letters and cards with words of encouragement. Mark Streitmatter, the elder from our Bloomington church came to help. Ken Hoerr assisted with the first one and Mark got up to assist with the second but before he started, he shared with the church how much he was refreshed by being here. To be able to hear how each one came to the realization that they needed a Savior, then how hard it was to humble and submit and finally the peace and happiness they received was most encouraging to me and brought back so many memories of my own conversion. What a truly wonderful evening. We didn't arrive home until after 10:00pm and pretty much crashed straight into bed. So looking forward to today, we will have a lot of guests in Peoria, many of our old 'young group friends' to reconnect with AND we get to sit together and hear the TRUTH!

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