Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jenis Wants OUT

After a long day at work, I arrive home surprised, someone, a good fairy probably named mom came in and straightened up the apartment which was left in a mess and in a hurry. Thanks mom, it was such a wonderful treat to come home to a clean house.
We had BLTs for dinner with mom's vine ripened tomatoes and they were delicious. Almost don't need bacon with such juicy ripe tomatoes. Spark popped in to tell us that Jenis had smashed a fence down. Sure enough she took out an entire section of the small paddock. She was put in the field with Sanna until we got it repaired. A light gentle rain started while we were working and we were GLAD to work in the rain. The fields are so dry and the rain so needed. We stopped before dark to try Breyer but she is now out. Mark was working on the pond and came up pretty wet and muddy. Rhoda showed up to work Ylse and by the time we were finished, she had Ylse bowing. This was the first day Rhoda tried this with her. The bow is not perfect but sure is a great start. Diane and mom stopped at a garage sale that had free books, Diane let me take 2 of them, the one I want to read first is another of the Jesus Chronicles by Tim LaHay and Jerry B Jenkins titled Mark's Story. The other is Power of the Cross by Tim LaHay. Right now I'm reading First Light, the very first of the AD Chronicles by Bodie & Brock Thoene. I've read all the others the library has but the first of the series was out until today.

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