Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I won't lie, today was just plain hard both physically and emotionally.Really appreciated Rebekah and Anni Davidovics today, they rode their 2 horses over and gave trail rides to 2 of our guests, the third guest was a very happy 9 year old down syndrome girl and she was given lesson's on Paris while the other 4 were riding. She had the whoa and go down pat by the time the lesson was over. We finished up at the playground. While her dad was playing with her waiting for her 2 siblings to finish up, I started leading Paris back when I heard a big truck and had to take off running. Menards was here with the roofing and arena supplies but instead of driving it back to the barn to unload they were caught unloading in the drive way of the house. Thank goodness for good ears, that would have been quite a mess in the drive.
The golf cart was taken over to the playground where our guests were informed they could stay as long as they liked but I needed to get Jenis and her colt to the vet. They came over to play with the puppies one last time and watch the loading. Jenis walked right in as usual but her colt went the wrong way and started running around the truck and trailer looking for his mom. He saw Hanna, the 11 year old, ran right up to her and stood quietly in front of her asking her to please take him to his momma.
The horses were just dropped off at the vet clinic while I headed to Peoria to get some work done. Dr. Hoerr called around 3:00 with the findings on the colt. He does have an infection and we are to stop the gentamyacin (not sure of the spelling of that antibiotic)and start him on Exceed, keep him on the sulfa, plus another medicine and the worst of the worst, stall rest for 60 days. I think Dr. Hoerr must be mad at us or something, to order stall rest! That is going to be torture to leave Jenis in a stall for 60 days.
Diane called around 5:30 to see if we wanted to join them at Gil's for dinner but dinner had already been cooked so we turned it down. Wednesdays special at Gils is Fried Chicken and the place is usually packed. Mom, Mark and I met Mike and Diane at Mike's law office in Hanna City so we could car pool to church. Turns out President Obama was suppose to eat at Gils tonight also. He didn't end up eating there, probably couldn't get reservations. Who is he to think he can come on Fried Chicken night and get a seat, the president or something?
Church was emotionally heart wrenching. "Who here among us has not been broken, who here among us is without hurt or pain." Craig Stickling had the service, the tears flowed both during and after. When someone leaves it hurts. We are a body and when a part of that body is ripped away we bleed.
We didn't get home until after 9:00pm and Jenis' stall still needed to be cleaned, the horses fed, puppies fed and finally we are ready for bed.


  1. Was just wondering how Sanna's filly is doing?

  2. Sanna's filly is back to normal. She is growing like a weed!