Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funny Funny Raven Son

The email below came just as we needed a laugh!
I just had to share this with you about my boy Rohan....
I've been working up to putting sport boots on him for the past week (on the front). He's was soooo totally fine with it when I finally attached them last night. No fuss at all. Didn't even walk around funky.... but he took them off - just reached down and pulled them off with his teeth after about five minutes. Ha. What a goof.. and a SMART boy. I'm going to have to get some other kind of closures.
He also stands at the back gate and begs for snacks when cleaning the barn in the morning (which makes it difficult to get in and out with the wheelbarrow since his nose is on you and in your cart and he scratches on the cart and tries to get in it (again.. Goof)... I say.. no, go around out front and I will give you a snack and point.. and He GOES.... and stand out front and waits for me. I think he's smarter than me.!
He is now starting to learn how to lunge and ground drive (as soon as it stops being 110 ) - as I can't stand to do much but chores and hose them all off at night and put them under their fans........but we finally got some rain and relief this week.
How easy they are.... I can definitely see me getting another one of these guys!


Thanks Vicki for the update. Isn't it amazing how Raven foals are our best advertisers.
Sweet Puppy is now sold and gone to his new home. His owners came today to pick him up, the first of the puppies to leave the nest (barn) although once they drove away Emma spent some time in the barn looking and sniffing around. We didn't know she could count.

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