Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Central Air

Today is the day and it is coming at a wonderful time, the temps for the next few days will be in the 90s with tomorrow predicted to be 97 degrees. The central air is not the only job on the list Tom from Meister Electric will be doing today. We are getting lights installed in the garage area, an aisle way light in the stall area with a switch at both ends, and Karin will be pleased with this one, the overhead ceiling fan will be raised a foot. Meister Electric has the BEST employees! He is to arrive by 7:00am.
Now who do I put in the 2 foaling stalls? Probably the 2 mares with the youngest foals Jenis and Ribbon, then make Sanna and her filly stay in the regular stall for the day. At least at night it will cool down.
Today I'm working at Meisters to get the Bibles out. There are more than 200 requests from prisoners and a bunch of chaplains waiting. I've fallen behind again and MUST do this today. Uncle Ed asked me to also drive in to TEMCO as he wants to go over Berean work.

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