Monday, July 1, 2019

Moving Bales

Well Summer is here for SURE.  We had 92 degrees making it just too hot to do much more than swim during the Funday Monday schedule.  I had to work at Meister's paying the first of the month bills exactly on time. At 1:00 pm Carly showed up to look at Star and her filly by Valiant. Karin put them in the stall while I was gone and by the time I got home a few minutes after 1:00 Carly was here with her mother waiting. 
Star and her filly were taken outside into the round pen to watch them move but it was just too hot to ask them to move much.  We put them back inside, put a halter on the filly and gave her a short tying lesson. This filly is pretty smart, she learned within a few minutes not to pull back.  Carly is going to put a deposit down on the filly and as soon as she is confirmed in foal she is having Sarah and Nolan deliver them to her house. I won't mark her sold until the deposit comes.
After Mark got home from work this evening he started moving the bales off the field. I was going to help with the skid steer but had trouble getting the bale spear on. Turned out the bale spear that I needed was on the tractor. Tomorrow I'll take that off the tractor, put it on the skid steer and put the spear that wouldn't fit the skid steer on the tractor. Mike stopped in to fix a leaking waterer. Hadassah was teased and covered by Evan.
Dakota, Jamie and Ralph's mare was teased and she is still not showing any sign of coming in. She was hosed off then moved into the field next to Valiant.
That has plenty of grass and lots of shade. Mark quit at dark. I came in a little early to brown the ground beef for tomorrow's Berean meal. I decided to serve hay stacks.

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