Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Snake Prank

Galena was teased and covered this morning by Valiant.  We had a good walk but only did one round so I could get to the Berean office a little early this morning.  I wanted to play a prank on Robin with a snake skin Joan's kids found up on Diane's gutters. The thing was over 6 feet tall. I coiled it up on the copy machine Robin uses but when she didn't come in today Bill picked it up for the picture.
This must be one BIG snake if it grew out of that skin.  We had a good morning at the Berean office and even took extra long for lunch discussing ideas for the Berean banquet scheduled in September.  When I got home I moved a bale into the cabin field and a new one in Hadassah's paddock. Karin was just coming back from a trip to Jubilee. She took 5 horses and 6 riders.  Sangria was asked to carry double.  All riders had a good time even though it was raining and they got lost. Horses taken were Sangria, Hadassah, Cookie, Missy and Tori. Below they are just pulling up and then unloading.
 Sangria was unloaded from the side door. Her rider was Ellie. 

Berlica and Aubrey took turns on Cookie. If they weren't riding Cookie they were double with Ellie on Sangria.
Ava rode Tori.

 Faith rode Missy and Karin rode Hadassah.
 Sangria, Cookie and Missy were taken to the cabin field. 
 Hadassah and Tori are sharing Ribbon's old paddock.  I left for mom's house to let Molly out. I sat on mom's balcony and watched the humming birds visiting her feeder while waiting for Molly to finish and want back in. 

Taunya and Anna brought the kids over to play and they stayed for dinner. We had a nice evening together. The kids had fun playing with toys Diane found at a garage sale.

 After supper Mark went out to work on scraping paddocks.  Mike, Joey and Eric worked all evening on the dinosaur paddock setting those huge posts. 
 The grandchildren are not exactly sure what kind of dinosaur will fit in there and the other question asked is where are we going to GET a dinosaur.  They took golf cart rides out to the sand arena and took the toy soldiers out there to make forts.
 Dakota was teased just to see if she is still in. She is and if she is tomorrow she will be covered again. She was put in the stall while her paddock was being worked on. 
Sarah sold another of Rizzy's puppies today. 
The puppy she is calling Luna is now spoken for.
Max, who is pictured below is also sold.
Pictured below is Hermoine who is also already spoken for. 
Below are all of Rizzy's puppies at 3 weeks of age.
 Pictured below are the puppies still available out of this litter of Cavapoo puppies. 
.Ginny is pictured below is available. 
 Fred, pictured below is available. 
 Harry is still available
 George is still available. 
If interested in these Cavapoo puppies just send me an email and I'll give you the contact information.

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