Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Dinosaur Paddock

Mike started working before 6:00 am. When Philip asked him what he was building Mike told him, "this is for dinosaurs." He had new posts set in the field then brought all the equipment over to work on Evan's paddock.

Evan was moved into the indoor arena until I could move the mares all out of the pond pasture.
Karin and I took Lily, her filly, Sheena, her colt, Zalena and her filly out to Middle Grove. We had planned on bringing Sally home but it was so hot and the horses were not in sight. Both of us dreaded the hard hike up the hills and decided we have enough riding horses, Sally could stay until the next trip.  From Middle Grove we drove straight to the Goose Ranch to pick up Missy and Cookie. While there I checked Alpine's udder. It is filling but has a ways to go. I snapped the picture below as Alpine was walking away. Alpine is a beautiful palomino mare bred to Valiant. They are hoping for a buckskin or a black but she may throw bay also.
As soon as we got home with Missy and Cookie they were placed in the paddock with Hadassah, Tori and Sangria as these 5 are now the riding horses for the weekend. The Christensen kids were all still helping Mike on the paddock. Mark was working on restringing the back fenceline where the neighboring farmer knocked down our corner post.  I cleaned stalls, moved mares then put Evan in the far paddock. He will stay there until his paddock is finished. At 2:30 pm Derby arrived. Derby is a beautiful tall paint mare that is here to be bred to Valiant. She was in and covered then placed in a stall.  I needed to leave as I was due in Bloominton at 4:00 pm.  Lee and Rhoda were hosting the Sceggel family at State Farm Park. We all had a ball. Below are a few pictures.

Ron, Taunya's dad also joined in the fun.  All of the children loved the water slides.  Zion went over and over all by herself.  Iris went with both of her parents and was thrilled each time.
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from State Farm Park click HERE. Lee picked up pizza and wings for our dinner and others brought fruit and salads. After spending all that energy playing in the water everyone was hungry for dinner.  A big thanks to Rhoda and Lee for a wonderful afternoon and evening.

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  1. are you making the end paddock for Evan? I thought you were doing a middle paddock