Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Time to Work and a Time to Play

Today was a special gift to me! My children and 10 of the grandchildren came today to work. We got so very much accomplished. Below are a few pictures.

Karin arrived for the Saturday morning trail ride. Israel really wanted to go and was sure he was strong enough to hang on when the riders did the 'death trails' and he did. Karin said they galloped, jumped, crossed creeks, went up very steep hills and nothing could make him fall off. He was pretty proud when they arrived back safe.

 After the ride he was put to work hosing each horse down until they were cool.

After the ride we took a golf cart ride to look for dinosaur tracks as we are almost done with that dinosaur paddock.

 The workers quit around 1:00 pm and came in for lunch. By this time the temperature had risen into the 90's so we all headed to the lake to cool off.
Jessica was there with Julie and Chad's four children Livy, Emma, Mercy and Boone. 
 Diane invited everyone over to her house for dinner tonight. The grand kids went right up into the loft as Diane has that set up with tons of toys.
 We were glad to sit and relax in the air conditioning while Diane and Jenny got the food prepared. 
Diane made the kids a special treat of jello with cool whip along with turkey, vegetables, salad, chips and lots of other goodies. 
 After supper the kids went out to play in Mike and Diane's pond. They had boat races, jumped off the diving board, played in the sprinklers and all had a great time swimming until dark.

IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.  I took the turkey carcass home to make soup and it is just now ready to de-bone.  Taunya just came in to tell me the 2003 truck had the dome light on and she couldn't turn it off. Well after working for a good 15 minutes on it neither could I. I finally just pried off the cover and removed the light bulb. 
Rhonda posted a link to her dad's obituary. Dick really was one of those special dads. If you would like to read his obituary click HERE

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