Thursday, July 11, 2019

Great Grands

Diane has maple trees for sale, lots of little maple trees. We think it is genius the way she starts these out. Up on her roof and in her gutter.
She is sure growing a big crop but they'd better be transplanted before they get big. Actually today I believe Joan removed them all. She had a crew out working today. Anna dropped off the girls today and they came wearing their swim suits so it didn't take long for us to head over to mom's beach and join the group already there.

Mom and I ended up down on the beach joining Molly, Tara, Kari and Andi. Rhonda was busy giving canoe rides to her grand children and I'm pretty sure all 17 were there. Speaking of grand children, mom went to see her newest great grandchildren that were just born a few days ago. Tim and Jenna (John and Beth's) had twins, a girl named Joslyn and a boy named Jace. 

I think mom has close to 80 great grands and over 40 grands but don't quote me, she would know the exact number, she made a baby blanket for each and every ONE!  That's a LOT of baby blankets.
Mike came over to help fix fence this morning and made the executive decision to build a new and improved stallion paddock. This one will be extra strong, extra tall and have one of those very strong solar electric charger. We put these paddocks in a long time ago and the wood really is wearing out.  Mike ordered the materials which should be delivered tomorrow and he thinks within a week it will be finished.
Sarah posted some really cute pictures of her puppies today. Below are her 6 male puppies, 4 are from Rizzy's litter and 2 are from Arrieta's litter. Introducing Max (adpoted by Kathy) George, Fred, Ross (adopted by Jenny) and Joey.
Rizzy's are now 2 weeks old and their eyes are open. Arrieta's puppies are 12 days old and their eyes are just starting to open. Below are Rizzy's male Cavapoos:  Max (adopted by Kathy), George, Harry, and Fred.
Below are Arrie's male Cavamaltipoos Ross (adopted by Jenny) and Joey!
 Below are her female puppies and the picture below was actually taken yesterday. They are: Ginny, Luna, Hermione (adopted by Janice) Rachel, Monica and Phoebe (adopted by Melody).
Below are Rizzy's female Cavapoo puppies: Ginny, Luna, and Hermione (adopted by Janice) 
Below are Arrie's female Cavamaltipoo puppies Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe (adopted)
They are all so adorable that if I was ready for a new puppy here I would have a tough time choosing.
Joan and her crew have been working hard outside all day and really got a lot accomplished. They will be heading in to supper after 8:00 pm.  By this time they must all be so hungry that their back bones are tickling their belly buttons, as my dad use to say.
Today I played with Galena's filly and am just so impressed with her.  If I wasn't so old I would for sure keep this one and am still tempted. I'm only asking $6000.00 for her and am starting to hope no one understands what a bargain she is at that price.   It isn't just her color that impresses me although she really is that flashy.  She has such perfect conformation with her long well set on neck, short back and long legs and has that amazing movement. Then to top it all off she has THAT HAIR!
If anyone is thinking of buying her they'd better make up their mind pretty quickly or I won't be able to part with her.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful! 

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