Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Two More Puppies SOLD

Sarah and Nolan sold TWO puppies today. 
These are both out of Rizzy's litter and now there are only 2 left out of the 7 puppies pictured below.
Left to right are Hermione (sold), Ginny (available), Harry (sold), George (sold), Luna (sold), Fred (available) and Max (sold).
IF you are worried about running out of Cavapoo puppies, Sarah still has some of Arrieta's available, just check her puppy facebook page called Gardner Lane Puppies.
On the walk today I got a call from someone wanting to come see Ivan, Tatiana's 2018 colt by Valiant. That meant a trip to Middle Grove to pick him up and as long as I was going Roxanne needed to be brought in as tomorrow is will be 21 days since her last cover and she can be sonagrammed tomorrow along with Star.  Ellie came with me and we were able to drive up to the round pen but there were no horses in sight. We both started hiking, Ellie one direction and me the other.  I saw something brown moving from the woods toward the salt blocks and thought it might be Mika but that was not who came out. Instead it was a big buck.

Both Ellie and I hiked the entire 200 acres until I found the far double gates going to the winter pasture wide open.  At that point I hiked back to the truck and trailer, called for Ellie and we drove into the winter pasture and found them pretty quickly.  Ivan and Roxanne loaded up pretty quickly but both of us were hot and tired. We stopped for an ice cream cone at Bs before heading home. 
Mom and Ruth are having a very good time at Eastern Camp.  They are staying with Aunt Jinny and her daughter Janet.  Janet sent the picture below of the men's choir.
She also sent a video clip of their beautiful singing by text. A storm moved in this afternoon and dropped a nice soft rain as we were getting ready to head to church. Mike Rieker had the message. We had the Bradley ICC young group in Peoria tonight and after church they all headed to Joan's for an invite.  Mark and I stopped at mom's to let Molly out as Sarah is going to be late tonight. 

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