Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Swimming With the Horses

My airbnb guests left this morning so the apartment turnaround was started right after our walk.  Karin arrived this morning but it was already much to hot to work horses. Instead she got her swimming suit on and took Sangria swimming. That was so enjoyable for both Sangria and Karin that she decided to take Galena. I had finished most of the work by then so got my suit on and joined in the fun.
 Above is Galena and her filly below is Madiera and her colt. Both of these foals are still for sale and both are pretty spectacular. 

 Next was Lily, Lily is an experienced swimmer.
 Zalena is NOT a swimmer, she puts her entire face underwater.
 Rosaleigh and her filly did very well swimming.
 All of the foals swam very well and all of the mares did too with the exception of Zalena. Hadassah was the last mare in the lake as we still needed to cover mares.
If interested in seeing the rest of the swimming pictures click HERE.
Madiera was covered by Evan and Sheena was covered by Valiant. Sure hope they conceive on this cover.  A bale was moved into the last paddock shelter and then it was time to get ready to leave for church. We needed to be at the fellowship hall by 5:30 pm as we were helping with the dinner. Mike Kaisner had the message.  We took off pretty quickly after it was over as I still had the pictures to download and pots and pans to wash.  NOW I'm ready for bed.

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