Saturday, April 20, 2019

Perfect Day for Work & Fun

The day started out cool but sunny. Mark went right out to start working. His first job was to take the trailer load of wood out of Valiant's pasture and haul it over to Joan's for stacking.
He was hoping to bring back helpers and was able to hire Mackenson for the morning to help him with the drainage tile in the yard.

Karin had a trail ride scheduled to leave here at 9:00 am for Sandridge State Forest. Faith, Berlica and Aubrey rode the cabin horses over while Karin led Ripper over.
Ripper has to stay at our place with the 4 walkers are gone. Below Berlica is leading Bunni and then Missy into the trailer.
They took the 4 walkers and had a fantastic time. Karin said it was the fastest they had ever done these trails. They saw lots of trucks and trailers but on the trail they took they only saw a couple other horses. Below are a few pictures Karin sent of the ride.

I ran to Sam's Club to pick up the food for our Easter dinner tomorrow and as soon as I got back went outside to work. The weather was perfect for the fun and also for working.  At noon I came in to make lunch for Mackenson and Mark. Mackenson went home after lunch but Mark went back out to work. He wanted to burn the pile of branches left from the tree that fell in Valiant's pasture now that the logs were gone.
It burned well.
Ruth brought Nancy to mom's around 2:00 pm just as the trail riders made it back. We headed over to mom's to help dye Easter eggs with Nancy.
 Matt and Anni are now home from their honeymoon. Matt came up to help mom caulk the vent above her microwave which leaks during a big storm. 
Rhoda and Lee called to say they were on their way to help fix fence so I went back home to get all the supplies ready.  The others at mom's filled the plastic eggs with candy for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow after church.  Rhoda and Lee were amazing. They helped Mark and I get every broken board removed and new ones put up in every paddock in an hour and a half. By the time we finished we decided to drive in to Peoria to pick up Vietnamese food for dinner. After dinner Rhoda talked me into taking Gideon for a video. We took both Gideon and Isla into the indoor arena to clean Gideon up for the video. Rhoda worked with Gideon and we took a few pictures of him for the website.
Gideon is a very fancy mover.
Then both of the yearlings were turned out to play in the outdoor.
Gideon is in the blue halter and Isla is in the red halter.  They had a ball and we didn't have to ask them to run or show off they did it all on their own.
After we came back in we headed over to mom's and joined Diane and Joan for games. It was a fun day and a fun evening plus we got LOTS of work done. What a perfect day for work and fun.

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