Monday, October 8, 2018

Mountain Goat or Foal?

When I went up to feed this morning I could see Foxy's filly on top of the hay bale in their shelter.  Wondering how I was ever going to get her down I went into the stall barn to grab some grain and when I went outside to dump some in their buckets Ilyssa was already off the bale and was running for the buckets. No pictures as I didn't have my phone with me. Thinking that was a fluke I left for the walk but on the walk she was back up on top of the hay bale. I still didn't have my phone as it was left in the house charging but both Diane and Joan took a picture of her on the bale. Anna dropped off Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley at 8:17 am as they get to stay the day with me. Around 9:00 am Michelle dropped off her girls for the scheduled trail ride so we loaded up on the golf cart to watch them get the mares and load up. But when I arrived there was Foxy's filly again up on the bale. This time I had my camera and took these pictures.
 She saw the girls coming and jumped off. 
 Then took off running for the gate again. Her halter was hanging over one ear. These are cheap breakable halters so if they would get stuck on anything they will break as soon as the foal pulls back. 

 We pulled her out of the paddock and fixed her halter.

She was put back in the paddock and she promptly jumped into Hadassah's paddock. Hadassah was taken out to get ready for the trail ride and Ilyssa decided she wanted to be back with the other weanlings so walked up to the fence and popped.

Then trotted back over to the hay bale and jumped back on top which I missed as I was sure she was going to go hang out with the other weanlings and walked off.  So now we need to decide. Is this filly a mountain goat or a foal? What ever she is she is going to be bold and have amazing jumping ability.  Now I need to let her owner know so they can be prepared.
Karin had the girls help tack up for this trail ride which was going to be at Sandridge state park.
We have had over 5 inches of rain in the last 3 days and all of the trails here are just too muddy to be safe.
 The horses for this ride are Hadassah, Tory, Indy and Oksana. 
 Below they are loading Oksana and Indy into the front of the trailer. 
 Hadassah and Tory were loaded into the back. Below is Sadie and Hadassah waiting their turn to load. 

  Karin is going to have Shaeya ride Tory, she is going to ride Hadassah, Sadie will ride Indy and Wren will ride Oksana. 

 The girls came with me then to Sheena's stall so we could clean the stall and take care of her wounds. After that was done they came back to the house to play with all the My Little Ponies Sarah gave the girls yesterday.
The best part about the morning came from our last airbnb guests.  They wrote first: Hi Judy. Just wanted to let you know that we are heading out. Thank you so much for the cookies and water. Please tell Stephanie that the cookies were amazing- Holden, our son especially loved them! Since we have family in the area, we will definitely be back and hope to book with you every time, if you will have us back! Thank you so much for a wonderful stay!
And then came her review on airbnb:  We absolutely loved staying at Judy's apartment. They are wonderful people! The place was sparkling clean and stocked with everything we needed. The location is great- out in the country but a 20-25 minute drive to the city of Peoria. It was so quiet and peaceful. The beds were super comfortable as well. We were so touched that Judy left us bottled water and homemade cookies. That was so sweet, and the cookies were so yummy. And last but not least, waking up every morning to the beautiful horses and foals on the property was such a wonderful added bonus. Our family will definitely be back whenever we are in town! Hopefully, next time, we will be able to explore some of the hiking trails on the property. If we could give Judy 10 stars, we would have. By far, our favorite Air BnB experience!

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