Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Trip to Middle Grove

The Berean office was busy this morning but we didn't have very much mail. That just gave us time to get other things done that were also needed. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got back to the farm Sheena and Indy were loaded up and driven out to Middle Grove.  I was worried about Sheena's leg but when she was let out of the trailer, she took a few bites of grass, then burst up high into the air, came down and took off galloping up the hill and over to the herd. Indy found it hard to keep up with her. Those Thoroughbred mares forget about injuries when they get galloping. She was so excited to be out of a stall and back with the herd.  I wanted to check over all the horses so started  hiking.  The camera was left at home today but when Foxy came up I pulled my phone out to snap a picture of her. She had lost weight nursing her filly and I was thrilled to see now that the filly is weaned Foxy is looking great.
Rosaleigh was another mare that had lost weight nursing her big filly, she too is looking better out on that good green rich grass.  No picture of her, I was too busy making sure which mare was which. Looking over the herd I was missing a bunch of mares and the 2 youngest foals so had to start hiking. They were down by the lake. The 2 foals are nimble as mountain goats and were playing on a steep hillside together.  They both came galloping up when I arrived. The mare in front in the picture below is Tatiana, her colt is next to her and Roxanne's filly is behind them. 
 I think the foal in the picture below is Roxanne's filly and the one below that is Tatiana's colt. 

They look alike because they are half siblings. Valiant is the sire of both of them. Jenis came wandering up. She is in good weight, her coat is glossy and she looks amazing. The other black mare in this picture is Bunny. Bunny is standing in front of Sangria. The chestnut is Mika. That is Roxanne way in the back ground. 
Tatiana's colt was curious and following me around as I was checking the mares. It was really beautiful out there today. 
The frost this morning has killed the flies off, the horses were enjoying the sunshine and all were feeling lazy. Lily is in the picture below. She too had picked up any weight she had lost nursing her colt. Pretty much all of the horses were handled before hiking back out to the road.  
When I got home, Mark was out on the tractor splitting wood over in the far field. He brought the tractor back here, backed it up to our wood pile and we split wood together until 5:30 pm.  After supper he was going to head back out to put the tractor away but I asked him to leave it set up. I have tomorrow free and will use some of that free time to split wood. With the cold coming so quickly this year we will need a lot split. 

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