Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Amazing Morning Busy Afternoon

Ruth showed up on the walk this morning bearing a gift from the Roanoke church for Berean.  I took one look and exclaimed, "we were just praying about this!" If you would like to learn what Ruth brought and how our morning went at the Berean office click HERE
Mom and Joan needed to quit walking early as mom had an eye doctor appointment. I also quit after the first round to leave to pick up the Berean mail at TEMCO. 
I didn't get home from work today until later afternoon and spent some time cleaning up the house before heading out for the outside work. That outside work doesn't really seem like labor and the inside work even though it isn't hard labor DOES.
Karin came after work and just had time to train 3 mares today.  Below she is working with Tory.

 Notice the smile in the picture below? 
Tory was a little confused of what Karin was asking for and went into a huge trot. We are so pleased with this mare. Her training is progressing quickly and well. Karin really does believe she will be ready to show with the group in March 2019. Oksana was the last horse worked with today. She is getting so balanced in the canter she almost looks like she could actually show in Western Pleasure.  
 That's a joke, Friesian just don't do that slow 4 beat hardly moving lame looking gait. 

Mark was home from work and ready for supper when Karin finished for the day. Luckily there was enough leftovers from the Berean lunch to whip him up a delicious quick meal.  After supper we were waiting for a phone call from an agent of New York Life. We are learning about nursing home insurance and have already sat through a presentation from another company but Mark wanted to compare quotes. This agent wouldn't do that over the phone, we have to meet with him next Wednesday afternoon at the shop. Meanwhile Diane and mom were waiting for me to show up at mom's house to play games. I don't know why I went though I lost again!  Good thing none of us are competitive around here. The other players were all at choir tonight.  We finished up late but before going to bed Sheena's stall was cleaned one more time. Mike came over to check her wounds and brought in hay and bedding for her stall. 

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