Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Good Afternoon

We awoke to 30 degrees and frost again. It warmed up into the low 50s but not until a few hours later. I spent the morning cleaning stalls and moving bales.  The farrier came at 2:30. We especially needed him to trim Galena, pull the shoes on Lisa and trim Zalena's colt. We had a list of horses and kept him busy.
Karin and Sue arrived after work today. They pulled out Valiant first. Karin rode him in the outdoor then out in the field before she let Sue get on him.

This stallion is such a fun ride, he wants to please and tries very hard to do what is asked.

notice that big smile on Sue. 
After Valiant was put away, they pulled out Anna and Oksana to take on the trails. They saw a BIG buck crossing the creek right in front of them.
Below they are galloping in the field. Karin on Anna and Sue on Oksana. 

Karin told Sue to try galloping with no hands and Sue was game to try.
 Another big smile from Sue!
The next two mares pulled out were Galena and Tory. 
I had someone book the apartment so went in to get that ready for the next renter. Rebekah arrived hoping to ride. She pulled Oksana out and was going to find the other two when someone started shooting. Oksana kept jumping and would not settle down so we took her to the round pen to remind her even if someone is shooting she must listen to her handler.

 I showed Rebekah how we start the bow training. 
The shooting stopped as soon as Oksana was in the round pen so we never got a chance to work through that noise.  I took quite a few pictures of the horses being worked, if interested click HERE.
Joan, her 3 younger children and mom all left this morning after the walk for Branson, MO. They are going to go to the Sight and Sound Theater to see the play Samson tomorrow and Silver Dollar City on Friday. They leave to come home on Saturday.  
I still didn't feel well tonight so skipped church and listened on line to Greg Rumbold give the message. 
I also listened to Fred Witzig give a talk for College Weekend in Champaign. If you haven't heard this talk you WILL want to listen to it. His title was Fearing that God is not Faithful
It actually shocked me, the raw anguish in his voice, but I'm not going to say why or when, if you are interested you will just need to go on AC Central (there is a link to the right side of the blog, then click on Sermons. At the search button at the top right type in Fred Witzig's name. 

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