Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Gideon SOLD

Mark got up at 4:00 am this morning and started the coffee and that woke me. When I walked to the computer there was a notification from Paypal that "you have money" and what really surprised me was that this deposit was from someone living in Alaska. They had been interested in Gideon but I thought the shipping would be much to expensive from here all the way to Alaska. Guess I was wrong!
There were two other people interested in him, one from New York and another lady that works for Cat but not from the Peoria area. She was arranging to bring her husband down to see Gideon. Both people were sent the video below as I really didn't expect the person from Alaska to purchase him. 
The lady from Cat saw the video and responded with "Thanks so much for sending that!  What a little Rock Star!!!!It’s amazing to see all the work you put into the babies!!"
Then of course I had to write to her and the other 2 interested buyer that he sold during the night. 
Below will be his new home. 
 He will be at the above picture in the winter and summer will be in the below barn. Who would have thought Alaska has such beautiful green grass!

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  1. well that is great news for you ! congratulations to the new owner