Monday, October 1, 2018


Sean and Nicole have found a home for their other mare and now are reaching out to see if they can find a special home for their Percheron mare.  Sean sent the pictures.

This is what Sean writes: We saved her a few years ago from the Colona kill pen, never really did anything with her as far as riding, she was just a pet.
She doesn’t really seem to know much as far as riding so don’t know that she’s ever been broke to ride. I believe she came from the Amish, her tail is docked but don’t know if she was broke to drive either. She has stiff join issues, we gave injections for it that were once a week for 4 weeks and then every other month and it seemed to really help her joints. I don’t know much about her as far as what she may or may know know training wise, not sure exactly on age or status of if she could be bred so just thought I try and find a nice retirement home for her to just be lazy and be someone’s pet.

I believe she’s around 10 years old judging by what someone told us by her teeth

Sean and his wife are from Ellisville, Illinois. If you have room for a very gentle sweet safe mare and would be willing to give her a good home please contact Sean Crombie at 309-472-6506

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