Friday, September 1, 2017

Rhoda's First Day

Joan couldn't come on the walk today, her youngest three were sick. Ruth, Diane, mom and I along with the dogs missed her. Right after the walk I ran the golf cart up to the barn to let out Sally and Eli from the stall where they were eating their grain and was surprised to find Mike in with the weanling stall. As long as he was there he was given a halter and asked to halter Esther first and then Apollo. I was thankful as each of these are big and strong and not sure they wanted a halter on. After he left I started cleaning the stalls when Rhoda walked in. I was shocked to see her that early as I didn't expect her until 10:00 am. This was the perfect opportunity to start the weanlings in the round pen. EasterBonnett and Esther were taken out first. She is gorgeous with big movement.

Below is a short video of her fantastic movement. 
Esther is for sale and we are only asking $5000.00 for her. She looks like a purebred Friesian, moves like a purebred Friesian and has the hair of a purebred Friesian. What a bargain!
Next Rhoda worked with EasterBonnett.

This is the sweetest filly produced at the Horsemeister farm this year. She just loves people and tries to please. Below is her short video:

Apollo was taken out next. We were expecting him to be a handful and he was in the beginning but his training session ended well. He is the tallest, most impressive colt this year but has the worst attitude.

Star's filly was haltered and tied but not taken out to work with, we were running out of time and still needed to get a short video of Indy's filly Envy.

Below is her short video.
The foals were all put back, the stalls cleaned, fresh water given along with hay and grain for the weanlings then we jumped in the truck and took the trailer out to Middle Grove. When we arrived we couldn't find the horses. We drove up the hill and started heading toward the second hill looking to the left, right and in front when finally we noticed the entire herd chasing us from behind.
 Soul was looked at first. Karin was worried she was sick and mentioned she didn't want her ear touched. We checked it out and there was a tick inside her ear. She wasn't happy to stand but we got it out and took care of the wound in her ear. Poor Soul! She will feel much better. 
 Next we checked out Jewel. Karin reported she was acting weird. Well she is obviously still pregnant. Those pregnancy hormones are working on her but she seemed fine. One good thing that happened today with her is she let us know that Wicktoria was in season. Wicktoria had been bred to Valiant in April and confirmed in foal by ultrasound. She must have lost the foal. Thankfully we brought the trailer with us so she could be taken back and bred back to Valiant. 
 Rosalie came up for a hug from Rhoda
 Rhoda asked her to bow. 
 Ayanna was next to come and wanted to do a trick for a treat. 
 Below is Sheena's filly by Valiant. She is the only foal at Middle Grove but will be brought in soon for weaning. This one is not for sale, she is so well built that we would like to keep her and breed her to Evan at age 3. 
 Madeira was not happy that Wicktoria was in the trailer and showed her displeasure by running around. 
 As we were driving out Bunni was galloping toward the tree line, slid to a stop, dropped and rolled. Then was so comfortable she stayed like that for a while. 
As soon as we got home Wicktoria was covered by Valiant. We finally stopped work and took a lunch break. After lunch we moved bales, fixed fence, opened Ribbon's paddock up to the back field and moved Roxanne, Rosaleigh and both of their foals over into that paddock. Below Rhoda is bringing a bale over for that paddock.
Rhoda took Wicktoria out to the round pen and was very pleased with her. She remarked Karin must have been working with her at Middle Grove.
Rhoda left for the prayer room. Mark and I drove in to Bartonville to do a little grocery shopping at Kroger and ate dinner at Good Tequila's. We split a meal, it was delicious. This evening the stalls were cleaned one more time and Oksana brought in. She is bagged up but I wasn't able to squirt any colostrum out to test so she must not be that close.
I am SO thankful to have Rhoda working here now, what a great first day.

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