Saturday, September 23, 2017

Early Morning Training

Another terribly hot day today with temperatures again in the 90s. Below Sangria, Oksana and Oksana's filly by Evan were crowded into the shelter trying to stay in the shade. Of course it helps that the hay bale is also in the shelter.
Karin came over early to start training horses. First one out was Rosaleigh.
I got out there just as she was finishing up with her and she finished with a bow.  
Next mare out was Roxanne so Rosaleigh and her colt were grained while Roxanne was out of the paddock.  As Karin was hosing Roxanne down to try to keep her cool while working her I snapped the picture below of Sangria with her complete face buried in the hay. Hmm maybe she isn't pregnant at all, just fat. She is 9 days over due today.
 Karin is using a new technique on the mares. Once the mare is listening and asking to come in, Karin does a relaxing technique. 
 Roxanne was also finished with a bow. 
 Below Karin is leading Roxanne back to the paddock. 
The next mare out was Titiana. She was hosed down first and Karin even hosed down her own head trying to cool down. That is not sweat running down the back of her shirt but if she hadn't soaked her head first it might have been sweat. 

 Kayla arrived and is here to learn how to work with the horses. She watched as Karin used the new technique out on Titiana. 
 Of course the last thing done is to ask for a bow. 
Kayla took Titiana back to the paddock. 
 Wicktoria (Tori) was the next mare out. She too was hosed down first. Below Kayla is learning how to ask Tori to move to the outside. 

 Below Kayla is asking Tori to relax. 
 At the end of the session she was taken into the barn, fly sprayed then taken back to the paddock. 
She was the last horse worked, by now everyone was dripping wet with sweat. Sangria, Oksana and her filly needed to be brought inside to get away from the hot sun shine. 
It was much to hot to work outside and yet that is exactly what Mark did today. In the morning he worked on harvesting wood for the winter and this afternoon he spread manure until the manure spreader broke. He was almost done with the pile too. 
Tonight was the N.O.W. At the Old School Center. That was a really nice evening. We were able to listen to Dusti Funk, Skip, Wayne, Carly and Dave's band, the speaker and Rachel but we ended up needing to leave right after that as I still needed to get the horses out of the stalls and into the paddock for the night. The pictures from the evening will be downloaded later. 

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