Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Oksana Has a FILLY

We had a wonderful surprise today and totally unexpected. This morning I went out to feed about 6:45 am and saw that the automatic waterer was on it's side dumping water in the Middle paddock. Sangria was standing there looking at it as if she was thirsty. I ran in to right the waterer and was busy fixing it not paying any attention to the other mares. As soon as I had it up and running I looked behind me and there was Oksana with a foal standing by her side. Last night when I pulled on her udder only a few drops of clear colostrum came out so she was left out with Sangria. The filly was standing but had not yet nursed and the placenta had not yet passed. I ran down to the house to grab my phone to call for help. Mark was already up at the barn Oksana was haltered and I started leading her out. Usually a newborn will not follow the mom well and what happens is the handler just needs to let the mare go free and bring the baby but today the foal followed well. Mark helped get her in the stall and only then did I check to see she was a filly. Oksana's udder was checked and for sure the foal had not yet nursed. She was rooting around but not in the right spot and since this was Oksana's first foal she kept turning to face the foal instead of standing still. I had to hold her still while the filly rooted around until Oksana finally figured out what I wanted.  The filly had not yet nursed but at 7:23 am I gave up trying to help and left for the walk. I left for work but knew Rhoda was coming so sent her a text about the filly. By 10:00 am she sent back a text that the filly was nursing and Oksana passed the placenta. We had another funny day at the Berean office. We had so many problem letters that we just had to laugh as each was read. To read about our day there click HERE.
I left pretty quickly anxious to get back to get pictures of this newborn filly and get the birth announcement out. Rhoda was busy cleaning the barn while watching them. Check out the pictures below of nice clean aisles
 She has the halters on top of the new automatic waterers. They are separated by size and as soon as we get some bridle hooks will be hung on the wall. Tom is coming to install the waterers soon. 
The aisle between the stalls was a disaster, she was cleaning out the tack area and wow did that hold a lot of stuff. 
She took a break to help me get a few pictures of the new filly. She was born 9 days early but is very stocky with thick bones. The sire is Evan so she will for sure inherit the mega hair he throws with each foal. Sure hope who ever buys her will update us with pictures. This filly is going to be a stunner. 
 She is very strong for a newborn. 
 She has pitch black very curly hair and a very long tail. This filly is adorable. 
 Oksana is taking very good care of her. 
Our next job was to bring in Roxanne and her colt so the colt could get his daily shot. The swelling on his neck is going down and he seems to be getting better but still has a cough. He stood pretty well for his shot then Rhoda led them back to the paddock. See how he prances. He just doesn't act sick but I sure don't like hearing him cough. 

Sarah arrived and went right to work weed whacking around the round pen. She is due in a little more than 2 weeks. I'm amazed she felt like helping. I was tired all the time when I was that close to delivery. She came out to take care of Phil and Anna's girls but since she was helping Rhoda I met Braelyn's bus then picked up Taegan and Kensley from Grandma Gertie's house. They had a snack here then Sarah took them to the playground to play before taking them home for the evening. My last job was to feed and water Oksana and clean the stall. All is well for the night. All except Sangria. She was upset that we took Oksana and the filly out and called for her most of the day. Sangria is due in 2 days but her udder is still flat. Hopefully she will get busy and have her foal soon. 

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