Monday, September 11, 2017

Smoking The Peace Pipe

This is actually Sunday's post. We got in last night from the playground just too late and were too tired from the fun Sunday's activities.
The day started early, checking mares and feeding then leaving for church at 7:45 am to help David and Stephanie with church lunch. They were serving with Benji and Kristin, and of course we had lots of help from both the Regier side and the Hodel side.  Church lunch went great, plenty of help and plenty of food. Greg Rumbold had the morning service and Tim Roecker had the afternoon. After church the kids made their way to the playground until dinner was served and after dinner back to the playground for volley ball and a campfire. Below are pictures of the afternoon and evening.
Above they are playing football and below Karin is watering the volleyball court.

 Above the dogs are just praying that Sarah drops some food and below the granddaughters are fishing. 
 Bringing wood for the fire. 

 A perfect night for somemores

 Sarah threw some chemicals in the fire making beautiful colored flames.
 Spark brought over fire works and once they were done, the cardboard tube used to shoot off the pretty fire works was on fire. We had to pass around the peace pipe. By this time it was so dark the flash had to be used.

Now just to make it clear most of us did NOT inhale. 
My cousin Barbara sent the next two videos below, just trying to get us to understand the problems all these Millennial face. 
The second video explains a bit more and actually it is kind of sad. How very sad that we are raising a generation of people not equipped to handle life. This video is quite long but very informative and just might help us to understand what happened so the next generation can do a better job.

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