Friday, September 8, 2017

Roxanne Pregnant Indy Not

This morning right after the walk I ran to Mike and Diane's office to balance the check book. It took a while but balanced perfectly without too much help from Diane.
I wasn't home too long before Dr. Hoerr was due to arrive. Mike left his work and came to help bring in the weanlings and mares, halter horses and just generally help hold. When Dr. Hoerr arrived all 5 of the foals getting their blood drawn for their coggins were in stalls.  Apollo, Easter Bonnett, Eli, Ethan and Esther were all surprisingly well behaved for that. Elsa just had her health exam for travel. We started moving the foals out to make room for the mares that were down to be sonagrammed. We had Dr. Hoerr do Indy first. I was pretty sure she had lost the pregnancy and was right. Indy had a CL but it was not fresh. She does not show well so Dr. Hoerr gave me a shot to give her in 5 days. The next mare done was Roxanne
and she was confirmed in foal. She is due July 21st, 2018. Her colt picked up a cold and was not feeling well. Today he was also running a fever. Dr. Hoerr gave him an Exceed shot (long lasting antibiotic) then gave me one to give him in 4 days. Then he was given gentamicin. He will need a shot each day for the next 10 days just to make sure he gets over this. He doesn't act too sick, is strong and is nursing well but we don't want to take a chance.  The next mare we had sonagrammed was Titiana, the new mare.
 She had been covered on Wednesday and ovulated on Thursday. That is perfect timing. Hope she settled.  Jazz was the last mare to be sonagrammed. She had an older CL and was given a shot to bring her in. Dr. Hoerr felt that in 2-3 days she will be ready to be covered by Valiant. We kept Dr. Hoerr busy for a couple hours but so very thankful he was willing to come. He actually made it home last night about midnight from judging an endurance ride.
This evening Diane, Joan, Faith, Berlica, Mackenson, Mark and I went out to eat at the Mexican resturant in Bartonville called Good Tequilas. It really was delicious and was a nice treat. Joan took her kids down Meister's to clean the shop while Diane and I went to mom's to play games. It was a fun evening.
My aunt Sandra and uncle Dave Getz live in Jupiter, Florida, right where hurricane Irma is to hit. They were going just stay and hope for the best as Uncle Dave has MS and it is extremely hard for them to leave but this hurricane is so strong and so huge that they are trying to move inland. It is just too risky to stay. Pray for their safety.

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