Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bad Behavior

The foals were all fine this morning except the fillies had dumped both of their water buckets. That was actually good, they were very glad to see me and drank right out of the buckets as I was hanging them. Now I'm the good guy. Apollo had not dumped his bucket but also had not eaten his grain. He is too busy sulking now that he is in solitary confinement.
Right after our walk, Lily was loaded and taken out to Middle Grove. I just let her go at the bottom of the hill then drove away.
The rest of today was spent doing housework and running up to the barn to take care of foals.
Karin called as she was coming back from Middle Grove. She had 3 concerns while out there today. She thinks Soul isn't feeling well, Jewel is acting like a stallion and she is afraid that Galena lost her foal. Tomorrow Rhoda is coming so it will be back to Middle Grove to pick those 3 mares up. Dr. Hoerr is coming to the barn Wednesday morning so we can have both Jewel and Galena checked at that time, plus I can check out Soul and try to figure out why she isn't feeling well. Karin thinks it is something to do with one of her ears. If she isn't better I may just try to run her straight to Hoerr Vet clinic. We also have a lady wanting to see a video of Indy's filly Envy so new pictures and videos hopefully can be taken with Rhoda's help.
Apollo (Lily x Valiant) is not the usual sweet Friesian foal, he has an attitude. He was still mad about losing his mom and tried to kick out today with me in the stall. He got walloped but I was concerned enough that his owner was called and told, he is a big strong colt, which wouldn't be bad but he is also very strong willed.  I offered to refund her deposit or sell her another but we only have 2 fillies available at this time and she really wanted her next horse to be a gelding. I believe EasterBonnet would be perfect for her and suggested she drive up to meet her and see why I'm concerned about Apollo. He looks magnificent and should easily end up 17 hands, but with that attitude he needs a strong leader. His problem stems from being the boss mare's son. Nobody messes with Lily's babies and he really took advantage of that. We believe HE thinks he IS the herd boss not realizing it was because of his mama all the other horses backed down. Below is his full sibling JoAnna, Lily's 2016 filly by Valiant and she turned out sweet so maybe there is hope for him.

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