Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Training Tori

I overslept this morning and didn't have time to feed or clean stalls before the walk. It was all I could do to get Mark's breakfast cooked and still be on time. Oksana and her filly were just moved into a clean stall and given hay, grain and water then Rhoda was sent a text to ask if she would mind cleaning stalls as I was late. Not only did she say yes, she also offered to grain the rest of the horses. What a relief having someone that knows what needs to be done and does it.
After the walk I left for Berean determined to get the Bible labels printed as quickly as possible to make it home in time to watch Rhoda work with Tori. Today was the day Karin and Rhoda determined Tori was ready for the trails.
Karin arrived after work and the two girls went to work. Tori was taken first to the round pen to make sure she was willing to listen.
 Next Karin tacked up Indy and rode her in front of Rhoda and Tori in the round pen. 
They soon graduated to the outdoor arena where Tori was asked to step up onto the bridge for the first time. She did this without hesitating
From there they went out to the field and rode side by side. These mares were in perfect rhythm 

 Tori was doing so well they went down to the trails. Below they are crossing the creek. We are in a drought right now but there was still running water in the creek. Tori crossed without an issue. 
 They finished the trails and then practiced trotting and cantering in the fields. 

 Tori was just about perfect for the entire ride. Below they are posing for a picture. 
 heading up the hill on a loose rein. Just two happy horses and two happy riders. 
When they got back to the farm, Rhoda asked Tori to load into the trailer using the small side door. This mare would not even get near a trailer when she first came. She really is a different horse now. To see the rest of the pictures from this training session click HERE

 Below is Indy waiting her turn for her shower. After each trail ride in the summer the horses are hosed off. Indy loves it and tries to drink from the hose. 
 Tori did reasonable well with the hose too. 
 Finally it was Indy's turn while Tori waits quietly to be put back in the paddock. 
 What a wonderful training session this was. Tori will be another of our beginner safe mares soon. We are thrilled we own her. She was bred to Valiant and will have her sonagram scheduled in a couple weeks to find out if she conceived. Rhoda had to leave but Karin took the opportunity to rake both the indoor and outdoor arena. Check out that dust. We have been praying for rain and today got a few sprinkles that were left over from Hurricane Irma. Too bad she didn't send more our way. 
This evening we had church again at the fellowship hall. Tim Funk had the message on 2nd Peter. It was good to be there.

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