Monday, September 25, 2017

Air Conditioned Barn

I am very thankful for our air conditioned barn today. Even before noon, the thermometer climbed over 90 degrees. Sangria and her new filly by Valiant were brought inside along with Oksana and her filly by Evan and the air turned on. I snapped the picture below with my phone after getting them inside. Her owner got the pictures and decided to name her Edith's Serenity after her mom.
Rhoda arrived while I was up at the barn. She brought along Ruby's 5 day old puppies. The two male puppies are now sold leaving just the female puppy still for sale. This puppy is a PugaPoo born Sept 20th, 2017 and is for sale for only $550.00. Isn't she adorable.

She was totally bored with the pictures and let out a big yawn. 
We decided today we would braid up Titiana's mane and tail then start her undersaddle. Taegan came along to help with the braiding but of course needed to pet the new foals first. Sangria didn't want to share her filly with someone that small and pinned her ears at her so out we went, but Oksana was more than willing to let Taegan come in and pet her filly. Oksana's filly by Evan is 13 days old today.
 She is just huge for her age, towering over Taegan who is actually very tall for her age of 4 years.  Below Taegan is scratching the filly's rump. 
 Taegan got to sit on Oksana while we were busy cleaning the stall. 
Next out was Titiana, all braided up.
She was tossing those braids into the air like Killian use to do. Rhoda brought out the saddle while Taegan carried Rhoda's helmet and Titiana's bridle.

 We were impressed with how well Titiana did her very first time with a rider. 

Rhoda kept this lesson short and sweet. The mare did everything she was asked to do without a fuss. 

 She was taken into the barn, asked to bow then given a cool shower. 

She was taken right over to Valiant's breeding stand and covered by him. She stood well. By this time it was really hot outside and we still needed to move 4 bales. The middle paddock got 2 bales, Valiant's paddock got a new bale and the weanling paddock got a new bale. It sounds so easy but is kind of a hard job making sure the net wrap is off the bale and the bale is wrapped well with the hog panel before moving it inside the paddock shelter.  We were tying the rope around the hog panel and I had all my weight into it to make it snug when the rope broke and I went flying, landing on my rear end. Glad that area is far from the heart. We went in to cool off a bit and took more puppy pictures. Below are the 2 male puppies. They are already sold. The three pictures below are of the largest puppy, he is a brindle male with white on his chest. 

 Below is the smallest puppy, he is a dark brindle. Not that he is a runt, he is just a bit smaller than the other 2. 

Ruby is taking very good care of her puppies. I was ready to quit for the day but Rhoda still wanted to work with Tori. Today she wanted to ride her in the field, then take her on a trail ride by herself to see if she would be herd bound. Tori did amazing, perfectly behaved and no calling for the other horses even when Rhoda took her away from the farm.
 Above she is cantering her in the round pen and below she is trotting her in the field. 

 Below they are coming up from the back gate after a very successful trail ride. 
Sure was a hot busy day. Cooler days are coming but not tomorrow. That will be another hot day. 

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