Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What To Pack

Our walk today was full of laughter, at ourselves. Ruth, Diane and I were sharing our lists of what not to do. After the walk I drove first to Sam's Club to pick up a bag of dog food for Emma then to Berean arriving about a half hour early. I knew Rhoda was coming today and we had a full day planned. Cindy, Mary and Robin were great to work with.

Cindy and I had all the Bible requests entered and printed out while Mary and Robin were wrapping the Bibles. I left at 9:30 am and passed Bill Schick who was on his way to pick up the Bibles for mailing. As soon as I got home I drove straight up to the round pen. Rhoda was there working with Titiana.

While waiting for her to get ready to ride I grabbed Sangria and her 2 day old filly for a few pictures. The very first thing Sangria does each time she enters the arena is drop and roll. The next few pictures show how confused her filly was.

 Instead of backing up, she walked right between Sangria's legs as she was getting ready to stand. 

 Sangria just sat there trying to figure out how to stand without hurting the filly. 
She finally just stood up and the filly took off running.
These two were put away so I could concentrate on Rhoda and Titiana. Today she wanted to ask her to trot. 
 When Rhoda asked Titiana scooted forward quickly. Notice how Rhoda is completely relaxed. She just sat calmly telling Titiana, good girl. 
The second ask was much better. Rhoda trotted her just a few steps each direction.
 Then praised her, got off, and finished with a bow.
As soon as she was put away I backed the stock trailer into the barn and we started loading mares and foals for the trip to Middle Grove. As I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks we wanted as many horses out there as possible. The first trip out we took Rosaleigh, Roxanne and their two colts in the front of the trailer and Sally with Eli her foster son in the back. I forgot to take the camera out as they were unloaded but Rhoda took these two pictures from the road as we were driving away, Roxanne and Rosaleigh were heading up the hill.
 Sally had to stop to graze. 
The second trip we took Indy, her filly Envy, Zalena and Tori.
 Above Indy is getting ready to get out of the trailer and below Envy is checking out this brand new place. Envy has never been to Middle Grove as she is only 2 months old and Indy hadn't been bred back to Evan yet. 
 Tori started walking but pretty quickly decided to stop and graze.
 She is such a gorgeous mare. We are thrilled she is confirmed in foal by Valiant. She is due Aug 17th, 2018. 
Check out that LONG thick mane and tail on Envy in the picture below. She for sure inherited the mega hair of both her sire Evan and her dam Indy. 
It didn't take long for the horses to start running up the hill to find the rest of the herd. 

We got back in time for a late lunch then of course had to play with the puppies. Below is the female puppy, the only puppy still left for sale out of Ruby's litter of 3.  She had been nursing and had a milk mustache. 

 Amy Koch arrived and had to play with puppies too. They are just so cute. Amy stayed and visited and we really enjoyed the afternoon. Is there anything more special than a friendship that has lasted over 60 years? This evening the sky put on quite a show. The entire sky was purple, pink, and gold. The picture below was taken up by the house.
 By the time I got to the edge of the field just the lower part of the sky was still bright with color.
This evening Mark and I were trying to pack for this trip to Mayo Clinic but I don't know what to pack. It isn't like we are going on vacation. I pulled out the instruction sheet and it says I need to have a robe and slippers. I don't have a robe and my slippers had to be pulled from the back of the closet and put in the washer. I don't think I've worn slippers since the hip surgery. Oh well they are in the dryer now. 

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