Friday, August 18, 2017

Drama Queen

Rhoda is coming today! She called and offered to help so of course the first thing I responded with is that I really need help trailering to Middle Grove, dropping off mares and bringing home others. The last time I went to Middle Grove was Monday to get updated pictures for the website. WE had just come home late Friday night from Mayo Clinic where I learned this aortic aneurysm could blow any minute and was warned "not to do anything stressful".  So as I'm hiking up the hill at Middle Grove I was going slow, when the thought came, "if it blows out here, no one knows I'm here and by the time they find my body the coyotes will have stripped all the flesh off the bones." "They will only know it is me by the cell phone clenched in my bony hand." Well I made it there AND back with lots of pictures and never needed to use the cell phone.
There was a note from the post office that a packaged had been delivered while we were gone and it must be picked up at the post office. We never have packages delivered here, we always use the shop address so I was very suspicious and at first was not going to even bother going. Why maybe it was a bomb or worse something like anthrax powder.  But Monday afternoon changed my mind (since I lived that morning, why not take a few more risks). When I arrived at the post office I found a pretty big box and sure enough there were 3 of those really neat lantern flashlights. I had tried to order them months ago for the camper but they were never delivered to the shop. The company selling them tracked our address down and shipped them straight to the house.
So on the walk the next day I mentioned those experiences, maybe hoping to get a little sympathy around here but mom only replied, "quit being a drama queen!" Everyone on the walk, including me roared with laughter. I love my family but they think just maybe I read too much.


  1. 😁❤️🐎
    I just love your wry sense of humor. Seriously though, please take care of yourself. Still praying for everything to turn out well for you. 🙏