Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pulling Hair

We slept in today not getting up until after 6:00 am. Sometimes it just feels good to lie in bed longer. I took a quick trip to Sam's Club early this morning for Sarah and Nolan's baby shower tomorrow after church.
Karin was here spraying the weeds in the outdoor arena when I got back. We used the golf cart to carry the weed sprayer while she handled the wand and refilled it 3 times. She got the entire arena done inside and outside then was just finishing up spraying the outside of the round pen when the sprayer broke. That meant a trip back inside to order another one on Amazon but when I went to pay there was no charge. I had forgotten the kids gave me a gift certificate for Amazon for Mother's day. What a nice surprise.
Sally and Rosaleigh were both brought in for their grain. Below is Rosaleigh's colt by Evan named Ethan, the picture was taken yesterday. We can't believe how big he is at just 2 months old
Below he is just 3 days old:
What a change!
Sally and Eli were given almost 2 scoops of grain, Thankfully Sally is sharing the bucket with Eli. He is pictured below with his mama Eliza at 6 days old. This was taken before he became an orphan
and pictured below at 3 weeks of age. 
We will need to get update pictures of him soon as he is now 3 months old. After their buckets were licked clean, those mares were taken out and Roxanne and her colt brought in. Karin held the colt while I pulled hair from his tail for the registry. He is such an impressive colt, just perfect conformation, thick hair and since he is a Valiant son, tall and majestic. 
He was handled all over, hooves picked up then they were put back and Indy brought in so her filly Envy could get her hair pulled.We are so very blessed to have beautiful Friesian foals, each one unique but gorgeous. Check out the length of Envy's tail. She is going to be a stunner. She inherited the mega hair from both her dam and her sire Evan.
Indy was put in the big stall to eat Roxanne's left over grain while Envy and I stayed in the single stall. She stood still while I groomed her all over before yanking out some tail hair. The registry requires a DNA test on each purebred Friesian but we must send in hair from ALL the foals for that registry just in case there is ever a question.
Mark was out on the tractor mowing the 50 foot strip and the perimeter of the field, then took his chain saw, put the bucket on the tractor and headed for the logs. Mom, Karin and I went to inspect his work getting there just as he needed help moving the logs into the bucket.
This is oak and very heavy. Mark could take between 3 and 6 at a time depending on the size. 
He cut and hauled a few thousand pounds of logs over to the farm house where they will be split later. We had quite a pile by the time he quit. We have a lot of houses here that heat with wood including ours. 

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