Monday, August 14, 2017

Almost a Farmer

School started today which means no more Funday Monday until next summer around here. That also meant Karin, Ruth, Anni and Jessica went back to work. We only had 4 dogs on our walk now that everyone is home from vacation they took their dogs home with them.
After the walk I decided not to waste this beautiful day and drove out to Middle Grove to get updated pictures of the foals out there for the website. I found Galena, Ella, her colt, Anna, her filly Hadassah and her filly right away. Those three foals were photographed first. Good thing was they weren't too muddy.  Below is Ella's colt at 2 and a half months of age. His mane is so thick it stands upright and the tail is so long it is down to his hocks. This colt sure did inherit Evan's hair gene.

He sure is a cute fellow and very big when you realize his dam is a pony. I'm afraid he will not stay pony sized though so won't be able to be shown in those classes. He will blow the judges away with his movement. He is for sale for $3000.00 and can be reserved with a $500.00 deposit. Below is Hadassah's filly by  Evan. Her registered name is Esther (get it?) 

She is black and will stay black. She also has a lot of mane and tail but then again Evan is her sire too. That stallion sure does throw the hair gene. She is registered with Friesian Heritage Horse as 75% Friesian. Her complete pedigree is listed on her registration papers. She can be shown in Arabian shows as part Arabian and Friesian shows as half Friesian. We are asking $5000.00 for her but if she is snatched up this month will take $500.00 of her asking price as she is related to both of our stallions.  The next filly pictured is Anna's filly by Valiant named Delilah. Check out her length of neck. She is a stunner, she is also a purebred Friesian, registered and DNA'D with Friesian Heritage Horse. She was born March 28th and is ready to be weaned.  At 4 and a half months of age she already has thick feather and she is going to be TALL.  She is for sale $8000.00 but she is not related to Evan at all so our price is firm. We can always keep her and breed her to Evan at age 3. 
She has show presence!
After I was done with these 3 foals I started hiking to find the rest of the herd. It only took about an hour of looking before I found them down in a hollow next to a pond that I never knew was there. This land is just so huge we are always making new discoveries. There were a bunch of mares down by that pond but only one foal, Soul's filly by Valiant named Francesca. She was standing next to Cookie who I at first thought was Soul. I kept marveling that she was almost as big as her mom until I realized that wasn't her mom. 
 Check out that mane on her. She inherited that from her dam. She is 3 and a half months old. She is registered with Friesian Heritage Horse International as half Friesian but can also be registered as half Andalusian in the IALHA. We are going to let the buyer do that this year if desired. Last year it took 6 months to get the IALHA papers back. She is for sale for $5000.00. 

Lily was standing next to the pond but her colt was not in sight. At first I panicked praying the colt didn't die and went right over to check her udder. It was obvious that she was still nursing.  After checking the area I found him up in the trees.  WOW is he ever looking good. He is already SOLD but I can't wait to show these pictures to his owner. He is so tall and good looking that if he was a filly I would have been tempted to keep him. 
Rosaleigh and her colt were just up the hill. I couldn't beleive how he filled out. He is only 2 months old. 
 He is much more chunky than I thought he would be. He is also sold. 
I didn't have to look for EasterBonnet. She saw me and came running. I had a tough time getting any pictures of her, she was right in my face or following me the entire time. I finally got some pictures of her as I was walking out. She was the only foal or horse that followed me quite a distance from the herd. She is registered with Friesian Heritage Horse International and for sale for $4000.00. Who ever ends up with her is going to love her disposition AND her chrome. That star on her forehead sets her apart from the rest. 
When I saw this next foal I thought it was Eli, Eliza's orphaned colt. It wasn't until her tail swished that I realized she was a FILLY and that wasn't Sally it was STAR standing next to her. She is pictured below with Rosaleigh's chunky colt standing behind her. 
Below she is with her best friend Francesca. 
Elsa is sold but doesn't she look like a purebred Friesian?
I had to search a bit to find Sally and Eli. I snapped the picture below of his feather but when I checked the camera card there were no good pictures of him. 
He still looks small to me so we will plan on bringing him back for extra attention. Maybe Sally's milk isn't as rich as he needs. He sure has a lot of hair though. After hiking back and almost to the car it was then I realized I hadn't seen Sheena or her filly.  I came upon 2 young deer that went bounding away. I snapped the pictures below but didn't have time to focus.

I finally made it home by 2:30 pm and went right to work downloading the pictures then updating the website. Alicia posted the picture below of her daughter Milia riding her Raven daughter Avalon at the show.   
They WON first place!  Love love love those gorgeous Raven daughters. This evening Mark scraped Ribbon's paddock and added lime. I moved in 2 round bales for the middle paddock. We both finished at the same time. He was putting the skid steer in the barn as I was driving the tractor back to the barn. We are getting close to being real farmers.


  1. Unless a horse is sired by a purebred Arabian and registered half-Arabian- they cannot show at the Arabian shows. The A circuit Arabian shows allows purebred and half Arabians to show. 25% Arab is not allowable. Lovely filly though.