Tuesday, February 16, 2016

To Vaccinate Or NOT

Please read the article if you have horses and have wondered about how often a horse should be vaccinated.
This link takes you to a very comprehensive well written well documented article
WE DO NOT vaccinate our young foals until at least a month after weaning.  Some of our customers will ask, what shots were they given but horses are not like puppies. We give a foal shot within a few days of birth which is the tetanus antitoxin and this also includes an antibiotic but that is the ONLY shot we give before the foal leaves for his or her new home. Now if the foal doesn't sell at or before weaning we start the first set of vaccines in the spring but only if the foal has been weaned.
You will need to read the article to find out why.
We stopped giving the pneumabort K shot to our mares (although we make an exception for a first pregnancy if the mare will be traveling). Again read the article. We have found it is better to lose ONE foal early in the mare's productive life than pump her full of vaccines each year.
A month before the IL Horse Fair we make sure each horse that is going is vaccinated as one year we had all the mares vaccinated but not the 2 stallions going and the 2 boys came home and became very sick.

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