Thursday, February 4, 2016


Indy was born right here on the 4th of July 2010 out of the full papered FHANA registered mare Ylse and by Raven. She was born sweet, loved people from the time she was born but what we didn't expect was her size. She is now taller than Raven was and much taller than her mom. Indy is an orphan, both of her parents are no longer living. We are so thrilled that we kept her. In the video below she is just 5 weeks old.

Indy was introduced to the water and loved it. She would jump in before her mother would and swim across the big lake. Indy grew up at Middle Grove with the herd and learned herd manners very well. In the picture below she is just 1 day old.
She is a couple months old in the picture below
She is almost 2 years old in the picture below taken at Middle Grove, that is Ella behind her.
Emily took Indy home with her the summer she turned 2 and trained her. She was put in our starting line-up at 3 years of age.

 She has the cutest tipped ears.
Indy was bred to Evan at 4 years of age and last year gave birth to a gorgeous filly on March 1st. This filly now lives with her new owner in California. Below is a short video of Indy's filly by Evan. Check out the extreme movement Evan produces.

Indy was bred back to Evan and is due May 10th, 2016. This foal will be for sale and we expect another superstar. Indy has been in parades since she was just a few months old. This will be the first time Indy will be taken down to the IL Horse Fair. She loves people so feel free to stop in at the fair to visit. This year we will be in Barn 18 which is next to the livestock arena.

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