Sunday, February 28, 2016

Profiling Bunni and Sally

This post is actually a blast from the past. We found out we needed a gaited horse all because of Diane, my main Horsemeister partner. She had been having hip problems and wasn't able to walk but could ride horses. Her mare to ride was Grace, our big Thoroughbred mare but soon even riding Grace was starting to hurt too much. In 2007 we decided to look into Tennessee Walkers scouring the internet for decent trail horse, mare and of course black as we knew we wanted to breed the mare to Raven. Mike found a lady selling 2 mares in Perryville, MO. We decided we would like Bunni, the younger mare, but the owner balked at our price offer. After checking over the other mare she had for sale we offered to buy them both, doubling our offer and that was accepted.
Mike and Diane drove down to Missouri  April 28th, 2007 to pay for them and bring them back. Bunni loaded and stood well, Sally was a nervous wreck, dancing around the trailer the entire trip back. Sally was born April 1st, 2001 making her 6 years old while Bunni was born March 28th, 2003 making her 4. Both mares were 15.3 hands and both black.
They were both bred to Raven in 2007. Bunni produced a big black colt April 23rd, 2008. This colt was born at Bridlewood during an afternoon and the colt needed to be pulled. Bud had arrived with a load of feed and jumped right in to help.
This was taken before I had a good video camera so please excuse the low quality. The colt was a cutie.
 They were moved to Hanna City at a couple weeks old and not taken back to Bridlewood until weaning.
 He was sold before weaning then exported to Canada once weaned. 
This was the only foal we ever got from Bunni. She was bred a couple other times but the second foal died of dummy foal syndrome. The last time we tried to breed her was in 2014, she was songrammed in foal, was within 2 months of delivery but when we went to Middle Grove to bring her in right after that it was obvious she had lost the foal. Bunni has been Diane's riding horse so even though she doesn't produce we will not sell her. The first year we owned these mares Sarah and Rebekah took them on a recognized endurance ride and both were pleasantly surprised with the awards they won. One came in first and the other second. Bunni has been trail riding all over, even Colorado up in the mountains. She is very fit and can handle just about everything. One of the more unusual things Bunni did was she was lent out to Gray Horse Farm for a cowboy mounted shooting clinic and she was the horse Edwin Peterson rode.

Sally is pictured below.
Sally gave birth the first time the 4th of July 2008 to a filly we named Liberty. 

She went on to have more beautiful foals for us of which I've just posted a few:

 The filly above and below was named Chloe. Her owner Lori just sent an updated picture of her and wrote: Hi Judy, I thought you might want an updated pic of Chloe. she is still as perfect as the day I bought her! She is sweet, beautiful and tall. We just love her ~ Lori  
Chloe also exported to Canada, for some reason the Canadians love the Friesian Tennessee cross. Or it could be they just love our Friesian crosses.  By the way Both Chloe and Onyx were not bought by the same buyer, they ended up in completely different Provinces. 

Sally is a fun ride, she loves to go, loves to gallop, and is another mare on our starting line-up. We no longer breed her, she is just too valuable as a riding horse. She also went to the cowboy mounted clinic where she was fast and accurate. Her rider was Rand Peterson and he and Sally were the fastest at the clinic.
We feel very blessed to be able to own both of these mares.

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