Wednesday, February 10, 2016

David Davis

We awoke to 9 degrees with a stiff wind. Only the truly dedicated walkers walked but we probably shouldn't have my cheeks were pretty frozen by the time we quit.
It was too cold to work outside today. Most of the day was spent at the Berean office processing the letters. As soon as I got home I built a fire in the wood burner, laid down and just soaked up the heat. Mark calls the wood burner a poor man's hot tub. In a way it is better than a hot tub since it heats the room and when I walk out of the room I'm not soaking wet. That's always a plus when there are below zero wind chills.
It was good to be back in church tonight. Funny how listening on line is just not the same. Craig Stickling had the service, exactly what I needed to hear.
Tonight I just got notification that David Davis is bringing his painted Friesian to the fair.
I think this is the loudest colored Friesian in America, probably in the whole world. David has a special connection with him and has taught him amazing tricks. Now before anyone asks, Friesians ONLY come solid black, so this is a cross but a very nice cross. We are hoping Lola produces a painted Friesian this year. If she has a filly and the filly really IS a daughter of Killian we will keep her.  David is also a minister and hopefully will put on cowboy church this year. We weren't too impressed with the minister the last couple years.

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