Thursday, February 25, 2016

Farmer's Market

Today was the a big day for Old Engelwood Town. Each Wednesday evening the vendors start setting up booths and tents and on Thursday the town is flooded with people flocking for bargains. It was like the first day of the Spoon River Drive at home. If only if only I'd had my cotton candy and popcorn machine. I'd of fit right in hawking my delicious wares. Right after breakfast Mark and I struggled to find a parking place so we could visit,then ended up blocks away and walked. Now for the record most of the customers are elderly and most of the items for sale were healthy fruits and vegetables, weird kinds of humus, all kinds of fish, fancy baked goods (all healthy of course) and lots of home made crafts. The place was packed and lots of samples were being given out. Since we didn't see a single child, there wouldn't have been much market for cotton candy but I bet the popcorn would have sold, although what good is popcorn without tons of butter and salt. Nope this wasn't the place for my wares.  It seemed most booths were doing a brisk business with a lot of people walking around the place with full sacks. This WAS the place to be!

The morning was cool with bright sunshine drawing out the crowds. We didn't buy anything, just too full from breakfast and did not want to haul anything home. By 10:00 am it was plenty warm enough to lay in the sunshine by the pool. That doesn't interest Mark at all so he went for a walk and by the time he got back a couple hours later had put 17,200 steps on his fitbit.
Even though we are on vacation we still answer the phone and by noon Walter was spoken for. The buyer is arriving Tuesday morning with cash and a trailer to haul him to his new home in Alabama. He won't be marked sold though until the cash is in hand and he is on the way. That phone call meant I had to call Emily, have her run out to Middle Grove to pick him up and call the vet clinic to schedule an appointment for a travel certificate. When Emily answered the phone she and Rhoda were out working horses. They had just finished with Rosaleigh and Roxanne and had started with Oksana and Evan. Rhoda snapped a few pictures on her phone and emailed them to me so I could share them here.

 Above Emily is asking Oksana for an extended trot and below they are on the 'death trails' crossing a creek. It looks like Ruby, Rhoda's dog, was having a good time following.
Once Evan and Oksana were put away these two amazing, sweet, talented, helpful ladies drove to Middle Grove and picked up Walter.
Rhoda said he loaded up quietly but danced a bit in the trailer when he found out he was leaving the herd and traveling by himself.
For dinner tonight we drove back to Howard's and arrived in time to try their early bird menu. I ordered the 6 oz sirloin while Mark ordered the broiled haddock. Both meals came with vegetables, choice of potato or rice and both of us also got the salad bar for an extra $2.50. Below is my meal.
Our bill came to $29.00 plus tip and was delicious. After dinner we came back to the apartment and watched the movie Noble on Mark's i-pad. This was a true story of an Irish girl named Christine Noble who had a dream as a child that she was going to go to Vietnam to take care of the orphans and street children and how that dream became reality. It was a very good uplifting movie.

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