Thursday, February 18, 2016

Profiling Evan

About 5 years after we started this business with Raven we kind of started looking for another stallion not related to Raven and for the next 2 years searched but not too seriously. When Valiant was just a couple months old we decided this was the time. We really would buy a colt not related to Valiant and let the two boys grow up together. We already had decided we could never sell Jewel (a Raven daughter) and knew someday we would like to be able to breed her. I'll need to back up a bit as most people would say, "why not just use someone else's stallion, that is much cheaper than buying a stallion." but we had already had a couple terrible experiences doing exactly that.
I started searching the internet trying to find a Friesian colt with good bloodlines around the same age as Valiant and was shocked how hard it was.We knew we wanted a colt from an approved stallion of the FHANA registry. They are all so beautiful but that also meant looking at their offspring, how the offspring matured, how fertile, what percentage of foals end up Ster, how tall, and how much hair was produced. After months of looking we decided on buying a Mintse colt. At that time Mintse was the top Friesian stallion in the world, his fertility rates were much better than some of the others, he was 16.1 hands tall, his movement was HUGE and best of all his get all seemed to have HAIR. Now that we were sure we wanted a colt by Mintse this job should have been a bit easier but it wasn't. No one around that time was selling a Mintse colt. Four more months went by and we finally just decided to call the owner of Mintse and ask if he had any colts for sale. He happened to have 3 of them so we hooked up the trailer, crammed Mike, Diane, Rhoda, Amy Koch and me all into that truck and drove to Dorr, MI to pick out our new colt. He was just over 8 months old. Below are the pictures of Evan right after we brought him home.

In the picture below from left to right is Ciera, she was 4 months older than Evan, then Sanna's daughter who was a month younger, then Evan who was born the end of May and finally Valiant.
Those 2 boys were the best of companions. They are a year and a half in the picture below
 The summer they turned 2
 They were taken to the IL Horse Fair for the first time at 10 months of age.
 Steven Marchal started working with them  when the boys were a year and a half old teaching them to drive and teaching basic tricks like standing on the pedestal, bowing and laying down.

 Steven taught him to drive at a year and a half.
Evan has been a joy, he sired his first foal when he was 2 years old, out of Jewel we named Olivia who is pictured below.
He has sired many many other gorgeous foals in the 4 years we have been standing him to the public. Below are just a few. 
Above is Indy's filly by Evan and below is Ayanna's filly by Evan.

Above is Zalena's filly by Evan and below is Hadassah's filly by Evan
Evan has been coming down to the IL Horse Fair since he was 10 months old. He just missed one year (last year) as we brought 2 other stallions in 2015, Valiant and Killian.

We are thrilled with this stallion. He will be down at the horse fair in barn 14 aisle E. Please consider stopping by to meet Evan.

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