Saturday, September 5, 2015

Super Saturday at Norris

The morning was spent at Bridlewood Stables where they were hosting a Pony Club rating for the Heart of IL Pony Club. I stopped in to get a few pictures and videos of a rating. Even though Bridlewood is known for being the top lesson barn in the area, this barn is always busy with horses, kids, dogs, cats, bunnies and Go-Go the goat. Below are a few pictures of just a small fraction of their riders.

The rest of the pictures were placed on the Horsemeister Facebook page. As soon as I got back to the farm, Mark and I changed into our swimsuits and off we drove to Beth and Greg's place in Norris which is known as The Lake in the Sky. This is a world class fishing lake managed by Herman Brothers Pond Management but more than that this lake has been developed into one of the most fun places to be on a 94 degree day. Below are a few pictures of the afternoon.

Molly was rather disgusted with Studley, don't you know dogs belong on chairs?
Joan's family had never seen the volcano man cave so Beth took us over on the mule.

From there we went to the water slide, diving platform and rope swing.

The video below is some of them jumping from the high dive platform and the rope swing. Even Studley surprised us by jumping.
The rest of the pictures were posted on Mark's facebook page. We are exhausted from playing so hard all day and it is WAY past our bedtime.

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