Sunday, September 6, 2015

All Over Everywhere

Emily helped with covering Olivia to Killian this morning. Emma was teased but not covered. Not quite sure what is going on with her but she has now been showing for 10 days. I'll have to see if I can schedule Dr. Hoerr to come out this week for sonagrams and have her done too.
Mark took Diane, mom and I to church. Joan and mom spent the night at Norris but came in early this morning for showers. We had a real blessing today, Willis had the morning service. He tells it like it is. Karin would love his sermons. We had ANOTHER wedding announcement today. That is 3 engagements in 2 weeks. All 3 are Princeville brothers to Peoria sisters.
Tim Roecker had the afternoon service on 2 Peter 2. He made the comment this is not a chapter he would have chosen, not one he wanted to speak on as it deals with false teachers and even scarier the warning for Christians in the last 3 verses.
After church we went back to Norris for this hot 96 degree day needed to be spent in or around the water. Sarah was there with the baby raccoons she is caring for.

 Joan and Beth provided a wonderful dinner, Joan grilling steak and Beth providing a roast she had slow cooked to perfection. Sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions, fresh corn, home grown peaches, tomatoes, peppers and apples served with zucchini bread, croissants and butter rolls rounded out the meal. We feasted!

 Mark and I left just before sunset. 
 Berlica had to pose for a picture before we took off.
 When we arrived home the driveway to the playground was packed with cars going all the way down on both sides of the road. There were young kids everywhere.
 The Sunday night volley ball games are going to be played pretty much all night tonight. The kids were from most of the central Illinois and Indiana churches. Karin provided the dinner tonight and thought she would be serving around 30 but there was at least twice that amount of kids that showed up.

They will get the fire going later and cook that delicious treat, heartattackonastick, which is big slabs of bacon later.

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