Friday, September 4, 2015


We seem to be stuck in the hot humid 95 degree days. We had already had 3 in a row but today we were not at 95 we reached 98! Emily and I started the training early before the sun was up enough to heat up the arena. Oliva was taken out for training and of course we took a for a few pictures for her owner. Emma, her colt William, Serenity and Zenia (Indy's filly) were out in the big field and had to come watch the training.

They were quite curious about everything Emily was asking Olivia to do. Speaking of Olivia she is coming along so well she is ready for the big trails. Anyone want to go trail riding?

She is in season and we were going to cover her with Killian except Anna arrived with the 3 girls and it is a 2 person job as Olivia is a maiden mare and Killian is still a young inexperienced stallion. By this time it was already almost too hot to work. We decided to go play at the playground while it was still cool enough for the girls to enjoy what Braelyn calls 'the beach' (the volley ball court). When it was obvious the girls were getting too hot we went on a long golf cart ride through the woods until we came to a big tree that had fallen over the trail. The trip was so long Taegan was sure we were lost. The rest of the afternoon we just had to stay in side to keep cool but we still had fun decorating boxes and playing with the blocks. Karin arrived with gifts for the dogs she picked up at Beth's place. Forget the dogs the girls loved those dog toys, even Kensley thought they were cool. Of course by the time Anna arrived the house was a disaster. Emily came over from her house sitting job to help move a bale in for Killian before we introduced him to Olivia. We had a successful cover.  Olivia was hosed off then moved to Raven's old paddock. It is much cooler than the barn as it is almost completely shaded all day. Emma was brought out teased and covered, then hosed off and put away. The hose was used on about all the horses today. These black horses just really suffer during this kind of heat.
Mark had to go to Pekin to pick up Nick tonight so we decided to eat out at the Fast Dragon, a Chinese buffet there in Pekin. The food was really good, or it could be we were really hungry.

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